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I am an avid female angler displaying advanced skills for my age and fish out of southeast Georgia. My love of fishing has grown into a deeper passion for showing youth anglers the same love for the sport that I have. To help motivate youth anglers, I created the Facebook Social Media communities Kids Can Fish and Girls Can Fish which has gained popular notoriety. I also star on the YouTube fishing channel also called "Girls Can Fish". It is my hope that Kids Can Fish will help children develop life skills that can be used in the future such as problem solving, patience, and being involved in the sport with their family.

Additionally, I am featured as the first Youth Pro Staff Team Member with Gulf Coast Sports Women and (Fish with Caroline). As an angler, I fish inshore on the coastal marshes of the Atlantic for Speckled Trout and Redfish but admit that my favorite inshore species are bull Redfish which I target during the fall Redfish run. I also fish offshore in the spring and summer on the coastal reefs of the Atlantic for a variety of species, with my favorite target being Cobia and Red Snapper.

While not fishing saltwater species, I primarily target Largemouth Bass. My spinning and casting baits of choice are plastics, topwater baits, and spinning lures. It is my goal to show youth anglers that fishing can be done at any age and that kids can use the same baits and tactics as the adults with practice.

Most importantly, as the founder of Kids Can Fish, I want children to find the same passion I have with fishing because regardless of experience level, fishing is fun!

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