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Kids Can Fish was created by a ten-year-old girl named Caroline who started the social media fishing community and YouTube fishing channel Girls Can Fish. Quickly, the idea of Girls Can Fish expanded into the formation of Kids Can Fish with the emphasis of inspiring all kids and families who enjoy the passion of fishing.

It is our hope that Kids Can Fish will help children develop life skills that can be used in the future such as problem solving, patience, and being present in the moment. We believe that fishing and positive relationships with adult mentors is critical to the development of happy children. As a brand, we strive to motivate and promote family bonding experiences to help build a community of members with shared beliefs.

In the future, Kids Can Fish will host virtual fishing derby’s, live coastal angling tournaments, fishing camps, and will support charities to help champion the cause of educating our youth on the joys of fishing, conservation and outdoor recreation. Kids Can Fish will continue to highlight these endeavors via our multiple social media platforms.

Most importantly, at Kids Can Fish we believe we are ALL “Bonded by Fishing” and encourage you to “Find One, Catch One, and Share It with Someone Special!”

Giving Back
Giving Back

Here at Kids Can Fish we operate under two tenants. We love people and our purpose and beliefs are centered within GROWING and GIVING. 

Growing a community of responsible young anglers that can be shared with the friends, family and parents that support them. Our goal is to create an environment where we can encourage, inspire, share ideas, learn and simply be a part of something that is greater than ourselves.

Giving back will provide opportunities for our youth to learn to fish, that without help, would not have the opportunity to take part in such a wonderful sport. We believe that providing a child, the experience, pure joy and sense of accomplishment that come from catching a fish is a gift that can last a lifetime.

We are starting out small in our local community here in the Golden Isles of coastal Georgia but hope to expand Kids Can Fish nationwide as we continue to grow and create a network of volunteers and advocates for youth angling.

In short, we want to be the ember that sparks the fire to develop the same love for fishing that we all share.

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